Per 'Lillis' Rosander
Lillis - vocals/guitar
Antti Vuorenniemi
Antti - keyboards
Mikael Lennartsson
Lenny - guitars
Lars Paulström
Lars - bass
Peter Dolkow
Peter - drums

The Story

Dolkows was formed in 1985 by Per 'Lillis' Rosander, Peter Dolkow, Lars Paulström and Peter Andersson. Paulström was replaced by Ulf 'Uffe' Bragsjö before the first album.

The band found some success with their first single, Silent Woods. They toured for a while, mostly in Sweden and Finland.

In 1992, Peter Dolkow left the band due to disagreements. He was replaced by Conny Städe on drums. Ultimately, the band went their separate ways in 1993.

Decades later, Lillis, PeterD and Paulström reunited. With Mikael Lennartsson and Antti Vuorenniemi joining, Dolkows released their first new track in 22 years: Digger.