Ulf Bragsjö
Uffe - guitar/vocals
Peter Andersson
Peter - bass
Peter Dolkow
Peter - drums
Peter 'Lillis' Rosander
Lillis - vocals/guitar

The Story of
Robin and the Nudes

sleeve/cover art

The first album, released in 1986. The sleeve had an impressive number of misprints - the worst ones being the album title (printed as Story of Robi and the Nudes), and the second track (listed as Bangs of Conscience).

Track listing

  1. Silent Woods
  2. Pangs of Conscience
  3. The Way She Looks
  4. Lucifer's Claim
  5. Sister Sun
  6. Funny Side
  7. Goodbye
  8. Old Mr. Cutter (Silent Woods B-side/CD bonus track)